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WinLPR: The Windows Lineprinter Daemon
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The Windows Line Printer Daemon is an application that runs on your Windows 95/98/NT/2000 PC, allowing your PC to accept print jobs from any Line Printer Protocol host. This means you can have your mainframe, UNIX servers, NT servers all print to your PC even if you're not on the same physical or virtual network. You don't need to share your printer with your NT server, and you don't need complex resource sharing software for UNIX.

The LPR protocol is an Internet standard supported by UNIX, NT, and most mainframe systems. It allows any machine that speaks LPR to talk to another machine to arrange a print job. To accept a print job from a remote host, you need to have a daemon running. The daemon is a small program (WinLPR in this case) which listens for print jobs from a host or hosts, and accepts and prints them. The daemon must be running to work properly, but it requires no user intervention to function.


Zero Configuration!

The "any" queue makes configuration of the WinLPR super-simple. When you install it, the WinLPR assumes it will accept any job from any host and print it to the default windows printer. The only thing you need to tell it is if you want to start minimized (it assumes not) and if you want it to run automatically when you turn on your PC (again, it assumes not). Both of these settings are found in the Startup tab of the Settings dialog. It could hardly be easier.

What our WinLPR customers think...


Download the WinLPR today and try it free for 40 days. If you like it, let us know and we'll send you a registration name and code that will allow you to use the WinLPR forever. It's really that simple.


The WinLPR is now $25.00 U.S. funds per PC you need to run it on. This price includes unlimited free technical support, allows you to use the full GUI or NT Service version, and the remote management software to remotely control all WinLPRs in your organization.

We offer site licenses and volume discounts. A Site license should be considered if you need more than 150 copies of the WinLPR. Volume discounts are available at the 10, 30 and 70 client levels. Please send us e-mail with your requirements for volume discounts and site licenses.

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