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Print from Anything* to your Windows PC

POP3/SMTP E-Mail Server for Windows

NT Launch
Start any application as an NT Service

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Alixoft Software is made for Windows 95/98/NT, 2K and Windows XP.

It is in use on six continents, in more than twenty countries and a dozen different industries, not to mention hundreds of private individual's homes and home based businesses.

The WinLPR is our world-famous Windows Lineprinter Daemon. It features Zero-configuration setup, remote management facilities and extrordinary power and flexability. If you need to print to one Windows PC or a thousand over a TCP/IP network like the Internet, you need to give the WinLPR a try. It's not only the best remote printing solution for Windows, it's one of the most affordable.

Hermes is probably the most popular free POP3/SMTP compliant E-Mail server for Windows. Source code is included so you can evaluate the quality of our work from the inside-out.

NT Launch is a free utility. It runs as a Windows NT Service and allows the Administrator to specify other applications to start by that service. This won't make those applications into NT services, but it will start them without having to "log in" to NT.