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Hermes EMail Server

Unfortunately, all development on Hermes has officially stopped.

The Hermes Group at Yahoo is still available as is the last version of Hermes

You can join the group and get the constant email, or just to to the web page from time to time to check out what's happening... I think that's good.

Latest Version: Download (for the service version, read the note below)

Two users with the same ID...!
Because Hermes does not support Virtual Hosts yet, you cannot have two users with the same account / email address... but there is a way to have users with different accounts have the same name part with different server parts for their email address. For example, user Bob1 can be and user Bob2 can be

Do this by creating fully qualified aliases for each user. As long as the alist is unique, you're fine. Hermes will not check for this for you, and warns you when you're making a fully qualified alias, so you know you're doing it.

Several people have created add-on functionality for Hermes. If you have an add-on, send an email with a link to your site, and we list it here.

The Hermes license is available from the application and is reproduced in the documentation. Please read the license. Simply by possessing a copy, you agree to it... whether you know it or not.

Service Version
The service version source is not available, but it does the same thing as the application version (source). It's just got a service wrapper around it. Also, the service has to be installed in the Service Control Manager by opening a cmd window to the Hermes install directory and running hermessvc /install.

If you see EHLO errors in the Hermes log... that's from a mail client trying to send mail to Hermes using ESMTP. Hermes does not support ESMTP so it returns an error. The client should expect this, as ESMTP is not universally required for internet mail transport, and continue to send mail under SMTP protocols.