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POP3/SMTP E-Mail Server for Windows

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WinLPR: The Windows Lineprinter Daemon

Application Description License Download  
WinLPR Windows Lineprinter Daemon for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. 40 Day Trial


WinLPR Remote Manager Remotely manage any WinLPR from anywhere on your network or over the Internet. Free


WinLPR NT Service

Run the WinLPR as an NT/2K service.
The service version requires extensive setup and configuration. Only use it if necessary.
Must be installed with winlprsvc /install

40 Day Trial Primary

Hermes EMail Server

Note: The first two files (application and source) are for distribution to normal users. Only download the source and remote control demo if you are either curious, or want to develop some add-on or something...

Application Description License Download  
Hermes Email Server (ML Service) POP3 / SMTP mail transport service for Windows NT/2K. Free


Hermes Email Server (ML Application) POP3 / SMTP mail transport application for Windows 95, 98, ME (Also works on NT and 2K) Free Primary  
Hermes EMail Server Source (Application)

POP3 / SMTP mail transport application for Windows, with Delphi Source.

Free Primary  
All of the above take you to the Yahoo Group for Hermes...  

NT Service Launcher

Application Description License Download  
NT Service Launcher Run this NT (2000) Service and choose which applications you want it to start when NT boots. Free Primary