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November 26, 2003


WinLPR 3.0 is here
Featuring multiple language support, an improved interface and service support.

What about Hermes, the free e-mail server?
Still a work in progress, get the latest here!


Welcome to Alixoft

Makers of fine Client/Server and Internet software. Please enjoy your visit.

Looking for remote printing solutions for non-networked printers... check out our WinLPR.
Need an E-Mail server? Give Hermes a try... it's free and extendable.

Please contact us with any questions or comments you have.


WinLPR 3.0

As always, version 3 is free to registered users, however, you will need to get a new registration code to use the new version. Please email us with your old registration name and code and we'll send you one for version 3.

Also, be sure to keep your old copy of the WinLPR for a while, just in case the new version has some problem with your systems. We don't anticipate any transition problems, but better safe than sorry ;-)


Still in development... read about it here.